Gary Scroggs, Chairman



Message from the Chairman

Safe 1 was formed over 64 years ago whena handful of State Employees pooled their savings together with initial deposits totaling $300. These initial funds were then loaned to other members to meet their borrowing needs. We have certainly changed in the years since, as evidenced by our total assets which now exceed $400 million. In spite of this growth, our structure remains unchanged.  Members who save with us provide a pool of funds to loan out to other members. Without both savers and borrowers we could not be successful.   This co-operative structure is what sets us apart from other financial institutions.

Although we offer financial products and services similar to banks, Safe 1 is not a bank. Safe 1 is a  member-owned cooperative institution. Banks exist to make a profit for their stockholders. At Safe 1, our focus is on our members and not profits. Our profits are used entirely to strengthen the credit union and improve the level of service we provide to members. Safe 1 consistently receives the highest ratings in terms of safety and soundness from national independent ratings agencies and all deposits are insured by NCUA, a U.S. Government Agency.

As Chairman, I want to welcome you to Safe 1 Credit Union. I think you will be pleased with the products we offer and you will find our savings and loan rates are very competitive. We are proud of our outstanding staff and management team and think you will notice the difference. Thank you for using your credit union.

Gary Scroggs, Chairman
Safe 1 Credit Union