Woody Morrison, Chairman



Message from the Chairman

Safe 1 Credit Union is a member-owned cooperative institution. Sixty-five years ago, a few local State employees, tired of paying exorbinant interest rates charged by banks, pooled their savings together to make small loans to their fellow co-workers. Their initial deposits totaled barely $300. From these humble beginnings, Safe 1 has grown to nearly $600 million in assets serving over 60,000 members. Initially only State employees could join, but we have expanded to serve residents of Kern Tulare, Kings, and Fresno Counties. Our tremendous growth is due to the loyal support of our members.

In the near future, our recent merger is expected to ensure that services and benefits, enjoyed for years by our membership, will not only continue but will be enhanced after the completed transition and resolution of necessary administrative matters.

Although we offer financial products and services similar to banks, we are not a bank. Banks are owned by their stockholders, who demand that the primary focus of management is to maximize profits. At Safe 1, our focus is on our members and not profits. Our profits are used entirely to strengthen the credit union and improve the level of service we provide to members.

At Safe 1, all members of the Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers. Each of them donates their time because they believe in the benefits of the credit union. Our goal is to provide a safe place for members to save and borrow and provide members with the best possible service at the lowest possible cost. As your Chairman, I can assure you that both management and your Board of Directors will continue to strive to make Safe 1 Credit Union a place “Where Membership Matters”.

Woody Morrison, Chairman
Safe 1 Credit Union