Direct Deposit

Take advantage of the convenience of Direct Deposit. No more waiting for your check to arrive in the mail. Direct Deposit is the safe and easy way to bank. We can accept Direct Deposit from virtually any employer or agency. There is no charge for Direct Deposit. Contact your employer for Direct Deposit forms.

Payroll Deduction

Safe 1 will accept payroll deduction from member's participating employers. We can schedule payroll deduction for loan payments or deposits into your Safe 1 accounts. To set up payroll deduction, contact your employer and provide your routing number and account number. If you are a state or federal employee, you may obtain payroll deduction forms at any Safe 1 office.

Wire Transfers

Safe 1 offers wire transfers to members. To initiate a wire transfer, visit any Safe 1 office to complete and sign the authorization form. Refer to the Fees link to the left for current fees.


In order to initiate electronic transactions, members may be required to provide the routing/transit number for Safe 1. The routing/transit number for Safe 1 Credit Union is 322273609.